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Grammarly Review 0

Grammarly Review – 2017

Grammarly review Grammarly is an application for checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The application aims at improving students, bloggers, writers, and professionals’ writing skills. Grammarly can be also used to check plagiarism. How is...


ICT tools and English Language Teaching

Introduction This article tries to review ICT use in English Language Teaching (ELT). First, the rationale behind using ICT in ELT will be discussed. Then, a list of ICT tools that are currently used...

The World Wide Web 7

A brief history of ICT

Information and Communication Technology As ICT is becoming more and more part and parcel of teaching, it would be interesting to see how ICT has developed through the last decades. This article aims at...

Khan Academy 0

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Khan Academy is popular for its videos distributed to help people learn. It is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan to provide: a free, world-class education for...

Twenty first century classrooms 0

Twenty first century classrooms

What is 21st century-learning. What will be our priorities? How shall we deal with learning and teaching? Will the methods have to change? What about technology? 21st Century Classroom from ISU Workforce Training

The power of web 3.0 0

The power of web 3.0

Web 3. 0 What does web 3.0 really mean? Web 3.0 or the semantic web is explained in this presentation that I found on slideshare.net. It’s an interesting explanation but not a thorough one. Have...

WordPress plugins for teachers 0

WordPress plugins for teachers

What are plugins Wikipedia defines plugins as follows: Plug-ins are sets of software components that add specific abilities to a larger software application. If supported, plug-ins enable customizing the functionality of an application. In...