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Study Skills – What affects exam success? 0

Study Skills – What affects exam success?

What affects exam success? There are various factors that affect success in an exam. This includes subject knowledge, exam preparation, exam practice, writing skills, use of time and attitudes towards the exam. Subject knowledge...

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Teaching English and Learning Strategies

Shaping the way we teach English Learning Strategies What is the goal of learning strategies? what are the different learning strategies? How can we understand and facilitate learning for students of all ages?

Study Skills – Slideshare!

Study Skills – Slideshare!

Learning how to learn – basic strategies This slideshare gives your students some starting points for their own research and study. It will lead them into learning how to learn and tries to answer...

Brainstorming Lesson Plan 1

Brainstorming Lesson Plan

Brainstorming Brainstorming is a tool that uses a relaxed, informal atmosphere combined with lateral thinking to solve problems. In spite of its importance in the generation of new ideas, many students do not have...

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Tips To Improve Study Skills

Learning strategies or study skills determine the approach for achieving the learning objectives. The strategies are usually tied to students needs and interests to enhance learning and are based on many types of learning...