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Do they learn what we teach? 0

Do they learn what we teach?

Are they really interested in what we teach? In spite of this changing world , we have the impressions, as teachers, that our students learn the way we used to learn, to be interested...

Bloom’s Taxonomy Book Review Questions 0

Bloom’s Taxonomy Book Review Questions

Book review This is a great link for those of you who are teaching how to write a book review. The link involves stating clear objectives when dealing with a book review by asking...

strategy 0

Teaching English and Learning Strategies

Shaping the way we teach English Learning Strategies What is the goal of learning strategies? what are the different learning strategies? How can we understand and facilitate learning for students of all ages?


Bloom’s taxonomy

Bloom’s taxonomy refers to a classification of the different learning objectives. It was first presented in 1956, but many changes were later added to the initial classification. Domains Bloom classifies educational objectives into three...

The Pygmalion Effect 0

The Pygmalion Effect

Pygmalion effect The Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal effect, refers to the phenomenon in which there is a parallel between teachers expectations and the student’s performance. The effect is named after a narrative by Ovid...

Learning languages! 2

Learning languages!

Why most people fail and how you can succeed to learn a language? This is a great slideshow that describes why most people fail to learn a language and how it is possible to...

Why is memorization denigrated? 2

Why is memorization denigrated?

Why is memorization is denigrated? In modern education memorization is seen with a critical eye. Some of the reasons advanced to denigrate memorization include the following points: Why memorize? You need an information, search...

Study Skills – Slideshare!

Study Skills – Slideshare!

Learning how to learn – basic strategies This slideshare gives your students some starting points for their own research and study. It will lead them into learning how to learn and tries to answer...

Training the Aging Brain! 0

Training the Aging Brain!

Age and the brain People in the middle age tend to be forgetful. They forget the names of people they have just met, the books they have read, the movies… Does this mean that...

Content-Based Instruction – A Cognitive Approach 2

Content-Based Instruction – A Cognitive Approach

Content-Based Instruction Most of us would agree that a second or a foreign language is learned not as much by direct instruction of its rules as by using it in meaningful context, especially when...