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Can an old brain learn? 0

Can an old brain learn?

It is believed that old people lose some  brain agility to learn. Is it just a belief? Or is it a grounded fact that cannot be denied?  Here are two articles that try to...

Scott Thornburry’s New Blog 0

Scott Thornburry’s New Blog

A blog Worth Following Scott Thornburry’s New Blog Scott Thornburry has started a new blog. Unlike the A-Z of ELT blog in which he tried to revisit some entries related to his ELT “encyclopedia-dictionary of...

Paulo Freire - Critical Pedagogy 0

Paulo Freire’s Critical Pedagogy

Paulo Freire Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator and philosopher. He was an influential figure in theorizing about critical pedagogy. His influential work, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, lays out the fundamental principles of critical...

video on teaching and learning 0

Learning theories (video)

A brief overview of theoretical perspectives, learning theory, and instructional theory. The video covers: Learning Theories Behaviorism Cognitivism Constructivism Types of learning theories Descriptive theories Prescriptive theories

What adults may learn from children? 1

What adults may learn from children?

A video every teacher needs to watch. It is a video of a very eloquent young lady who gives such great insight into the minds of children and adults alike.

The story of the brain 0

The story of the brain

This video is about the brain one of the mysteries that is still to be unfolded by scientists. What makes the brain so special? So mysterious? Why is it reluctant to reveal the secret...

Child learning to draw 0

Learning to learn

What are some cultural shifts in our fast changing world that have an impact on our own teaching as educators? How can we start thinking differently about learning? Learning2learn from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Twenty first century classrooms 0

Twenty first century classrooms

What is 21st century-learning. What will be our priorities? How shall we deal with learning and teaching? Will the methods have to change? What about technology? 21st Century Classroom from ISU Workforce Training

Are we in control of our own decisions? 0

Are we in control of our own decisions?

Are Humans Rational or Irrational? Behavioral economist Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational, uses classic visual illusions and his own counterintuitive (and sometimes shocking) research findings to show how we’re not as rational...