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Discovery Learning 0

Discovery Learning: Guiding Language Discovery

Discovery Learning Discovery Learning (DL) draws its principles from the constructivist theory of learning. It is informed by the findings of learning theorists and psychologists such as Jean Piaget, Jerome Bruner, and Lev Vygotsky....

Assessment for learning 0

What is assessment for learning?

What is Assessment for Learning? Assessment for learning (AFL) refers to the process of collecting and interpreting evidence about learning to be used by the teacher to determine the learner’s current situation, what they...

PPP approach to language teaching 0

PPP approach to language teaching

What is the PPP approach to language teaching? This post tries to explain what is meant by the PPP approach to language teaching. A brief explanation is provided followed by a description of the...

Interaction 7

Classroom Interaction

Classroom interaction This article tries to define classroom interaction and how different approaches dealt with interaction to provide learning and teaching opportunities. A shift in perspective Gone are the days when the teacher was...

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Complexity Theory and ELT

Complexity and ELT – Poster This is an interesting poster about complexity theory and ELT. Psoter about English Language Teaching and complexity theory Complexity and ELT – Willy C. Cardoso by Willy