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How to teach conditional sentence type 1

Of the four types, conditional sentence type one is the easiest one to teach. Students should be able to understand the following: There is an if-clause and a then-clause in conditional sentence. TheĀ then-clause should...

Twenty first century classrooms 0

Twenty first century classrooms

What is 21st century-learning. What will be our priorities? How shall we deal with learning and teaching? Will the methods have to change? What about technology? 21st Century Classroom from ISU Workforce Training

Tips to practice the simple present tense 4

Tips to practice the simple present tense

When teaching and practicing the simple present tense students must understand that the present simple is used to describe routines, habits, daily activities, and general truths. The following practice tips range from mechanical drills...

How to teach the simple present tense? 11

How to teach the simple present tense?

Difficulties When teaching the simple present tense, there are several considerations teachers have to take into account. First, some irregular verbs may confuse students. For instance, the verb ‘have‘ and ‘be‘ have different forms...

How to teach the present perfect simple? 8

How to teach the present perfect simple?

Many teachers find it challenging to teach the present perfect. This is due to a number of reasons. First, the present perfect is not really a present tense. It is composed of the auxiliary...

Descrpitive and Prescriptive Grammar 0

Descrpitive and Prescriptive Grammar

Grammar teaching is a tricky enterprise. What is for some a straightforward rule may be for others a controversial issue. To make matters worse grammar is defined according to whether we have a descriptive...

Best teaching blog posts 0

Best teaching blog posts

I’d like to share with readers theĀ  posts I’ve read recently. They all carry insightful thoughts and creative ideas that I hope will be of great interest to teachers and educators. Would da Vinci...