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Lexical Phrases and Language Teaching

Lexical Phrases and Language Teaching Lexical Phrases and Language Teaching is a book by James R. Nattinger and Jeanette S. DeCarrico. Throughout the book they present a language teaching program based on the use...

The Online Books Page 0

The Online Books Page

Free ebooks This is another website that offers free ebooks. You may brows a list of resources arranged in alphabetical order or search for a specific book. The Online Books Page

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Free Library

Free ebooks Bibliomania is a free library. It has thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays. You can read the world’s greatest fiction by authors such as Dickens and Joyce, Sherlock Holmes...

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Literary guides

Classic and contemporary books NovelGuide is a free source for literary analysis on the web providing study guides as an educational supplement. It offers: literature profiles, metaphor analysis, theme analysis, author biographies sample study...

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Free Online Books

Free ebooks Are you looking for free ebooks? Millions of internet users are very much like you. The web offers avid readers myriads of resources to develop personally and professionally. Information technology has made...