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Why do we insist on English? 0

Why do we insist on English?

English as a global Language? Patricia Ryan, an English teacher who has spent a long time teaching in the gulf,  asks a provocative question: Is the world’s focus on English preventing the spread of...

English and globalisation 3

English and globalisation

English teaching and globalisation English is part of globalisation. English plays a vital role in global trade, media, communication, movement of people, and many other areas. It is not just a system of grammar,...

Bilingualism 0


A bilingual person A bilingual person is someone who speaks two languages. Speaking more than two languages means that you are multilingual. Multilingualism is not a rare phenomenon. It’s the norm for most of...

Classroom Management 16

Should L1 be used in EFL classes?

Use of L1 in EFL classes The use of the mother tongue in EFL classes is debatable in the foreign language classroom. Advocates of the monolingual approach suggest that the target language should be...

Teaching Standard or Global English? 1

Teaching Standard or Global English?

Standard or Global? English has now acquired the title of the world’s leading global language  because it is used for business, science, and politics. Using the word “English” , I don’t mean an agreed...

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