Spell the words

This language activity can be used to teach the alphabet or review vocabulary.

Before you start the activity

Spell a name slowly to the students, writing it on the board as you do so. Ask the learners “whose name is it?”  Tell them to try to guess as soon as possible, before you reach the end.

The activity

  • Divide the class into teams.
  • Spell the name of a student;
  • Tell them to write the letters as you speak.
  • As soon as a student thinks s/he knows whose name you are spelling, s/he should put up his/her hand.
  • S/he should not call out the name till s/he is allowed.
  • The first learner to put up his or her hand may try to guess the name. If s/he is wrong the other gets a point.
  • Go on spelling the name till someone guesses right.

Follow up

Encourage students to spell names to each other.


This activity can also be used to revise vocabulary. You may spell words instead of names!

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