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Are you looking for TEFL jobs? Do you want to become qualified as a teacher of English abroad?

Well, the idea is attractive for many reasons:

First, following a career as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language gives you the opportunity to travel, teach and earn money. Secondly, the prospect of teaching abroad is a promising one. There is a great demand for English instruction worldwide. So many countries and  organizations have adopted English as a language of communication. and so many universities around the world have opted for English as a medium of instruction.

However, with the great demand for teachers of English as a foreign language  (TEFL), there is a need for supply to get these jobs. In fact, schools around the world are struggling to get qualified teachers with  a TEFL Certificate – which you can achieve after some kind of online training. Offers range from 60 hours to 300 hours depending on trainees’ needs.

i-to-i Online TEFL Course seems to be one the world’s leading TEFL course providers. It offers internationally recognized TEFL training, Paid TEFL Internships & TEFL Job opportunities.

Here is a review of this course.

i-to-i Online TEFL Course Review

Reviewing Online TEFL Course, I found out that the company has an experience of 23 years and offers:
  1. Training that fits different needs. Offers range from 60 to 300 hours.
  2. The course provides an Internationally recognized professional TEFL certificate.
  3. The course can be government regulated.
  4. 24/7 access on smartphone, tablet or computer
  5. Includes an additional 60 or 120 hours of Specialist TEFL Training.
  6. Course offerings include online and classroom.
  7. 175,000 grads so far.
  8. Employers around the world recognize & value i-to-i TEFL qualification.

Compared to its competitors, Online TEFL Course is doing pretty well. In addition to its long experience (they’ve been around since 1994), the company has unbeatable prices and is regulated by government.

They also offer a free brochure that is packed with loads of information about choosing the right TEFL course, finding TEFL jobs abroad and the opportunities available to you.

If you are interested here is the link to their website:

i-to-i online TEFL Course


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