New year’s resolutions lesson plan

New Year Day Fireworks

New year’s resolutions

New Year's Day Fireworks

New Year’s Day Fireworks

This is a new year’s resolutions lesson plan. January is an important month to focus  on new beginnings and goals not only for the forthcoming twelve months but also for the life yet to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. In this lesson plan students will learn how to make positive changes in their lives that will affect how people will remember them.

This lesson plan is inspired by the one sentence project which is an idea suggested by Daniel Pink and referred to in Larry Ferlazo’s blog. The idea is that students should think twenty years ahead or further about what they want others to say about them, and then use it as a helpful guide for how they live and how they may enhance positive change in their life.

Daniel Pink videos

Here are videos that explain Daniel Pink’s idea:

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

Benefits of the one sentence project

The road - New Year's Resolutions

The road – New Year’s Resolutions

The idea has so many benefits:

  • It is a reflexive activity which helps students think about their life and the goals they set for themselves.
  • The activity helps students develop critical thinking.
  • It is an activity which can be developed to include more communicative tasks.

The activity

  • Students watch introductory videos featuring people talking about how they want to be remembered. Here is a link to an interesting video:
    One sentence project
  • Ask them to do the same. They will have to write one sentence about what others will say about them. For example:
    “S/he changed other people’s lives through technology.”
    “S/he helped people stop smoking”
    “S/he found a cure for a serious illness”
    “S/he was a loving husband / wife …”
  • Students then create a poster sharing their sentence and illustrating it with a drawing.
  • Give students time to think about what they should do to reach their goal.
  • Volunteers will have to stand up and read their sentence.
  • The other students ask questions about what will the volunteer do to be remembered as s/he wishes.

Follow up

As a follow up, ask students to write about how they want to be remembered and the resolutions they have made to reach their goals. They have to:

  • explain why they want to be remembered as they wish
  • and mention the things they will have to do to reach their goal.


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