A list of terms used in blogging

One of the problems facing those who want to start a blog, is understanding terms used in blogging. For those who are unfamiliar with those terms, follow the link below. It is a  list of terminology and definitions for terms that are frequently used while talking about building blogs.

Blogging terminology

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  1. Noushin Samardia says:

    I am Noushin Samardia . I am an English teacher & I have been teaching English for about 20 years in high school& pre-university level .I always read My English Pages & enjoy it & most of the times i use it’s ways of teaching in my classes. I will be happy if you suggest more methods of teaching English grammar & vocabulary since most of the students have serious problems in these two fields.

  2. Hi Noushin,

    It is a pleasure to have you as a faithful reader of My English Pages Website and blog. As for the lesson plans you asked for, you can find more if you follow the following link:
    Lesson Plans
    We promise we will also add more lesson plans on vocabulary and grammar in the future?

  3. Majilan says:

    Very nice article we hope that my blog will be started soon!

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