Letter of advice lesson plan

writing a Letter

Letter of advice lesson plan

This is a letter of advice lesson plan. The aim of the activity is to learn and use expressions of advice in appropriate context, to work cooperatively in groups to agree on a decision and to develop the writing skills of a personal letter in which advice is suggested.

Expressions of advice

  • Tell the students that you have a bad toothache and that you need their advice.
  • Write on the board the following question:
  • Write their suggestions:
    I think you should brush your teeth regularly.
    You ought to see a dentist.
    You had better avoid eating candies.
  • Then, ask them to provide expressions used to ask for and give advice.
  • Students work to complete a chart like the following:
     Asking for adviceGiving advice
    What should I do?
    What ought I to do?
    What do you suggest?
    What do you advise me to do?
    What’s your advice?
    If you were me what would you do?
    I think you should/ought to…
    If I were you, I would…
    Why don’t you…?
    You’d better…
    It might be a good idea if you…
    I advise you to…

A dilemma

Give the students the following problem and ask them to work in groups of four to decide on the right choice for Anna:

Anna is a very ambitious and intelligent university student who is 23 years old. She studies journalism. She has to make a difficult choice. She was asked for marriage by 4 men. Here is her letter.

Dear friend,

You won’t believe it! I was asked for marriage not by one but by four men all at the same time. I am stuck and don’t know what to do. You already know that I am broke and I can’t afford my university fees this year, so these propositions came on time. On the one hand I want to finish my studies and get my PhD, but on the other hand I am stuck and can’t support myself, especially that my father was fired from his job and can’t help me any more.

The four men who asked me for marriage are all respectful and have been very kind to me although I have never imagined they would propose for marriage.

Alan is a very rich and famous businessman. He is generous and has a good sense of humor. But he is 10 years older than me.

John is a shy good looking young artist who is still working to make a name for himself. He is romantic and talks nicely to me.

George is a well-to-do young lawyer who makes a lot of money as a legal consultant for a big company. He is generous, kind and caring, but he is always busy and travels a lot.

Tom is an engineer and has got a beautiful apartment and a nice car. He is a poet and can play many musical instruments. He is handsome generous and smart. I’ve seen him so many times with his mother.  He is the only child she has and I guess he is everything for her.

Please, help me make a decision. What do you think I should do? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Your friend

  • Students read the letter and identify the different options Anna has.
  • Ask them to complete a chart about the characteristic of each man.
  • Students work in groups to decide on the best options for Anna. They are free to come up with any new ideas.
  • Whole class discussion.
  • Students write a letter of advice helping Anna make a decision.

    Dear Anna,


    Your friend


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