Lesson Planning – Components of a lesson plan

Lesson planning

A lesson plan provides a guide for managing the learning environment. As one of the teacher’s roles is that of designer and implementor of instruction, the preparation of lesson plan will ensure the organization of the English lesson according to some criteria. In this post I will present the components of a lesson plan.

Components of lesson plans

Lesson plans must include these components:

  1. Information about the learners.
  2. Objectives:
    Lesson plans must involve  a unifying theme, an overall general purpose to accomplish by the end of the lesson period.  They must include clear statements of what learners will be able to do by the end of the lesson. For example:
    • Enable learners to…
    • or by the end of the lesson students will be able   to…
  3. Procedure
    • Logical sequencing
    • Who does what?
    • How much time?
    • How to do?
    • What to do?
  4. Aids
    Realia, data show, audio-visual aid…
  5. Anticipated difficulties and reserve tasks
    • What might go wrong?
    • How to deal with it?
  6. Follow up and assignment.
    • Prepare a follow-up that help students personalise their new knowledge.
    • Assign a homework whenever possible to keep learners busy at home.
    • Include an evaluation to get feedback at the end of each unit.

Things to consider when preparing lesson plans

Here are  a few things to consider:

  • Be clear about what you want to include in your lesson. Having a an overall knowledge of what you want to accomplish will provide clarity and cohesion to your lesson.
  • A lesson must have a unity.  There should be a kind of natural movement from one section to another.
  • A lesson plan shouldn’t be too challenging or too easy. Predetermine whether or not you are trying to accomplish too much or whether or not your activities are far below students abilities. This has important consequences as far as students motivation is concerned.
  • Prepare reserve activities in case of  unpredictable events.

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3 Responses

  1. elfarouk aliyu says:

    teaching and learning proces requires a very sound measures tha will enable it to be sucessiful. which has to do with a very good designed lesson plan.

  2. Tausif says:

    To run a lesson program and to be successful in teaching, some components are required. Such as the environment where the students will learn should be fresh and quiet. And another fact is to monitor the students on their lesson by giving them assignments or homework and to praise one if he is successful in doing it and also giving punishment and to make them realize of the benefits of learning English to those who do not do it. And by adopting the above measurements one can easily run a lesson plan on English. Thanks for sharing the thoughts, Rhalmi.

  3. Ladywill says:

    uum can I have any four components of a detailed lesson plan.


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