Introducing yourself and family members

This is an activity that will help students develop both the vocabulary related to “family” and the ability to talk about familythemselves and family members. Materials required are papers and pencils. The activity can last about 30 minutes.


  • Oral practice of family vocabulary.
  • Introducing themselves and other members of  their families.


  • The class is divided into groups of four learners.
  • The teacher shows the students a simple drawing sample of the members of a family, and briefly introduces each to the whole class in English.
  • The teacher writes the relevant vocabulary on the board.
  • Each student has to draw a simple picture with every member living in their houses on the paper.
  • Every member in the group has to introduce his family members in the picture to the other members of the group.
  • After the group discussion, one person in each group introduces one picture of his/her group to the whole class.

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