Icebreaker activity

Introducing-oneself-activity as an icebreaker

Icebreaker activity

This icebreaker activity can be adapted for intermediate and advanced levels and is appropriate for all ages. No materials are needed. The learners usually take about fifteen minutes to carry out the activity. In addition to the fact that it adds some fun to the classroom, it provides opportunities for incidental learning.

Students introduce themselves

The most important issue an EFL or ESL teacher faces on the first day of school is to alleviate the stress generated by the encounter. I suggest an activity for the students to introduce themselves to each other. The activity will make everyone feel at ease. The lesson plan is described below.

Five questions as a starter

Instead of urging students to introduce themselves by giving their names and some other information about themselves (which are usually forgotten immediately after the activity), put them in a context. For example, tell them to imagine that they are at a party where they have to know each other by asking questions. Here is how the activity could go:

  • After introducing yourself, tell students to imagine that they are at a party.
  • Get the students up and let them move instead of sitting tense and anxious.
  • Before they start moving around, have each of them prepare 5 questions to ask other members of the group, questions about name, age nationality, favorite things, etc, depending on their level of proficiency.
  • Give them time to ask at least three people in the group some of the questions they have prepared.
  • Then after they go back to their seats, have each student stand up and tell his or her name.
  • When a student gives his or her name,  have classmates tell what they know about that person based on the answers to the questions he or she was asked by these classmates.

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