The Importance of Lesson Planning

Why is lesson planning important?

  • Why is lesson planning important?
  • How is lesson planning important for the teacher? For the learners?
  • What do you take into account when you design a lesson plan?
  • What constant components are there in your lesson plan?

This slideshow tries to answer these issues:

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12 Responses

  1. zanzoun says:

    Thank you so much si ghalmi and I really wish I could meet asap.

  2. vinessa harvey says:

    i really think think this was a good presentation..however,i would like for you to expand on how lesson planning impact both students and teachers

  3. adamunasir says:

    A teacher without lesson plan is like a vehicle without engin.

  4. nalukwago dorah says:

    thanks but please add more content.

  5. curie says:

    lesson planing is the most important tool for effective teaching and you
    you done a great job explaining it perfectly.

  6. gopinath says:

    lesson planning plays a vital role in teaching. this presentation gives out clear idea on lesson plan. it energizes the thoughts of teachers with the importance of lesson plan. good.

  7. arlindo says:

    i would like to receive some tips concerning Planning a Lesson

  8. Theresa Dweh Sheriff says:

    A lesson plan directs the teacher as the students follow. Thank you

  9. FRANCIS says:

    A lesson plan is a light to a practitioner

  10. paul rukwaru says:

    lesson plan keeps a teacher at phase with content studied

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