My Hundredth Post – What I’ve Learned From Blogging

My blogging experience

All revolutions occurred thanks to writing! Even when the internet appeared, writing took the most significant part of the magic of the web. The blogosphere revolutionized the web. Millions of blogs have emerged with billions of posts dealing with all parts of life from very personal thoughts to business-oriented information. Communication has shifted towards endless words on a screen. As this is my hundredth post,  I will present my personal experience with blogging. I will share what I have learned and what I was successful at.

Since I started blogging I’ve learned so many things. I know it needs a lot of time, effort and energy to maintain a blog; but, after all, the outcome is worth it. Here is what I’ve learned from my blogging experience!

What I’ve learned from blogging?

  • Discipline
    I’ve learned to organize my thoughts and to be disciplined and write on regular basis, contributing to the blogosphere. My blog is a place where I think, plan and reflect. It forces me to read in order to gather the information I need for my posts. I’ve become also aware that blogs are the new knowledge management tool.
  • Engagement with my subject area
    It also helped me improve my knowledge and understanding of the issues related to my niche. In many subject areas the blogosphere is where much of the informed and detailed debate is occurring. Not to be part of it, will surely limit my expertise.
  • Increased reflection
    keeping a regular blog seems to encourage a degree of reflection and critical analysis.
  • Link to teaching
    I’m keeping myself up-to-date with what’s happening in the profession. I have subscribed to feeds from a number of teaching blogs.
  • Students and teachers
    I don’t use my blog for teaching for the simple reason that most of my students don’t have an internet connection. But I use the blog to interact with so many teachers worldwide.
  • Network
    By being a blogger and by commenting and linking my readers to other bloggers, I’ve built up a network of contacts. This is invaluable for sharing solutions to problems encountered by many teachers around the world. Simply put, I’ve learned to collaborate.
  • It is about me
    Blogging is about me. It’s about my personal and professional development. It’s my channel to get my message out.
  • Motivation
    Knowing that real people are reading what I write is a huge boost.
  • Traffic
    My blog has brought me some traffic to my website. In fact blogs are constructed in a way to be search engine friendly.

What about you what are the lessons you’ve learned?

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