Prepositions of place

How to teach prepositions of place?

Lesson plan on how to teach prepositions of place

Prepositions of place are function words that English language students cannot do without. These prepositions are not difficult to teach. This lesson plan starts with reviewing key vocabulary that may be used to teach prepositions of place. Then the prepositions are presented and practiced. Finally, students will be asked to come up with examples.

The activity

  • Review vocabulary that may be used to teach prepositions of place. The vocabulary you introduce may depend on the units covered in your textbook. This may include vocabulary items such as:
    • book
    • bag
    • pen
    • pencil
    • desk
    • window


  • Present and practice the pronunciation of important prepositions of place such as:
    •  in
    • on
    • under
    • in front of
    • behind
    • between
    • next to


  • Introduce the meaning of the above prepositions by giving clear examples:
    • I am in front of the board.
    • The board is behind me.
    • My pen is in the pencil-case.
    • My book is on the desk


  • Check comprehension by asking questions such as:
    • Where is my pen?
    • Where is my book?
    • Where am I?


  • Practice the prepositions by using command drills as follows:
    • Put your hand on your head.
    • Put your hand under the desk.
    • Put your pen on the desk.
    • Put your pen in the pencil-case.


  • Practice the prepositions by using a “picture dictation”. Tell students they will have to draw a picture according to your instructions. They will have to listen carefully and draw what they hear. Ask a volunteer to draw the picture on the board while his classmates draw it on a piece of paper (they mustn’t be able to see his drawing):
    • Draw a table.
    • Draw a ball on the table.
    • Draw a cat under the table.

    Class correction.


  • At this stage students should be able to practice the prepositions in closed pairs. Write on the board a model conversation:
    • Where is …?
    • It’s … the …

    A: Where is the book?
    B: It’s on the desk.

  • Ask students to write sentences to describe a picture:
    • The cat is under the bed.
    • The phone is on the bed.


  • Ask students to write examples.

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  1. Sacha Bellinger says:

    OMG!! This is such a great lesson. I’m going to use today with my 2 students. Thanks!

  2. Diana Shinde says:

    Good lesson plan. I will implement in class.

  3. Arshad Khan says:

    I think its very helpful for the teachers.

  4. sergio says:

    very helpful

  5. Li says:

    I have been teaching a few years now and sometimes I still like to have a reminder or some useful input from other teachers. Love this plan, I will use it as part of my teacher notes when delivering this class next week. Thank you.

  6. Shabnam says:

    A beautiful interactive plan to teach prepositions. Students play an active part.

  7. lahcen says:

    a very good lesson plan. I will keen to use it. Thank you.

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  9. nasim says:

    There is lot of good ideas thanks

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