How to teach grammar by Scott Thornbury

How to Teach Grammar by Scott Thornbury (Book Review)

Book Review: How to Teach Grammar by Scott Thornbury

Scott Thornburry

Scott Thornburry

How to teach grammar by Scot Thornbury is a theoretical and practical book that contain excellent teaching ideas to be applied in a classroom setting. It is a guide for teachers on how to develop or enhance their grammar-teaching skills.

Grammar teaching is challenging, isn’t it?

Having to teach grammar is one of the certainties of language teachers, whether they like teaching it or not. It is through structures that appropriate meaning is conveyed. Being an unavoidable component of language teaching, many teachers find it challenging to make grammar class interesting and fun.

Here comes the worth of Scott Thornbury’s book, How to teach grammar. The book strikes a balance between theory and practice.

Summary of the book

The early part of the book considers such issues as what grammar is and why we should teach it. The next chapters deal with the inductive and deductive approaches to grammar teaching and error correction. Other crucial topics, such as how to teach and test grammar are explored in a simple but effective way. All along the book Scot Thornbury provides actual examples of grammar teaching techniques.

The content

There are eight chapters. Each chapters deals with an issue:

  1. What is grammar?
  2. Why teach grammar?
  3. How to teach grammar rules?
  4. How to teach grammar from examples?
  5. How to teach grammar through texts?
  6. How to practice grammar?
  7. How to deal with grammar errors?
  8. How to integrate grammar?
  9. How to test grammar?
  10. How NOT to teach grammar?

What I like about the book

It is a useful book for English language teachers. Full of thought-provoking ideas, the book combines perfectly well theory and practice. The variety of examples are easily adaptable to cover a variety of lesson aims and constitute a gold mine for teachers. The examples and the theory of grammar teaching explored in the book would help teachers in their classes.

If you don’t like reading grammar books, you would enjoy reading this one.  Packed with great ideas and practical techniques for teaching grammar to English language learners.

Get the book

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How to teach grammar by Scott Thornbury

How to teach grammar by Scott Thornbury

3 Responses

  1. I find the book very helpful and useful. The explanation is precise and concise making it it easy to understand. In addition, there are more than sufficient sample lesson plans consisting of different activities for the users’ perusal. We are still using it for one of the courses in Quest International University Perak, Malaysia.

  2. Mariluz Seoane says:

    How can I download the book? It´s not possible for me to buy it at amazon. I´m Cuban.

  3. Kudret Selmani says:

    I can’t download the book. Does anyone have any summary for each chapter?

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