How to start a new school year?

Preparing for an EFL or ESl school year

For EFL and ESL teachers the first day of the school year is crucial. It can be stressful but experienced teachers know that having a clear and global  view of their job will contribute to the success of their mission. Preparation must begin in the early days of the year.  It  involves thinking about and planning the school year in advance.


To start with, teachers must have a clear view of what they will be teaching. Preparing the content involves choosing the best EFL or ESL  material, taking into consideration the level of the students. This of course may undergo some changes later in the course of the year as teachers will be more familiar with their students needs. But having a preset content and ideas for lesson plans gives teachers a glimpse of what they will be working on throughout the school year. The teacher should also identify the goals of his teaching and explain to the students how they will be evaluated. It is best to give such information both orally in a brief presentation and in greater detail in writing.

Building a good relationship with the students is another issue that teachers should worry about. There are a lot of techniques to do so. Here are some of them:

  • Learn and use your students names as quickly as possible.
  • Set the rules for the learning and discipline within the classroom.
  • Show that you have confidence in your students abilities.  Good or bad, what teachers expect from students they generally get. Unfavorable expectations could lead to a corresponding decrease in performance.

Teachers should also consider the students social background. This is important because knowing the students background helps a lot when the teacher handles problems of discipline or any other learning difficulties that may arise during the school year. In addition to this, it is important that you establish the rules that everybody, including the teacher, must abide by. These rules can be about homework assignment, punctuality, allowed and disallowed behavior within the classroom…

Here is a link where you can find more tips on starting a new school:

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