How to create a blog with Edublog

Blogs for teachers

This is the second of a series of posts about how to create blogs. The platforms that I chose to give tutorials about are Blogger, Edublog and WordPress. These are the links to the different tutorials:

Here is how you can set up a blog using the edublog platform:

Creating a blog with Edublog

This is how you can create a blog using the Edublog platform:

  • Go to the edublog website.
  • Sign up – provide a username an email address and other detail and agree on the terms of use.
  • Click next and a new window will open where you can fill your blogs details –  title, address, blog type…
  • Then sign up
  • Go to your email to activate the account.
  • You will be directed to your page on edublog.
  • Type your password
  • You are ready to use your blog:)

Here is a video which shows the basics of creating a blog with a edublog:

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