Grammarly Review – 2017

Grammarly Review

Grammarly review

Grammarly is an application for checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The application aims at improving students, bloggers, writers, and professionals’ writing skills. Grammarly can be also used to check plagiarism.

How is Grammarly used?

One can use the application with:

  • A free account
  • Or a premium account

The premium account has more features than the free version. In addition to services such as a thesaurus, reference guide sand community-driven forum, the application helps you spot more grammar errors and provides detailed information about each error in the form of flash cards.


The Grammarly premium account is priced at:

  • Monthly Subscription — $29.95 USD/month
  • Quarterly Subscription — $19.98/month (Billed as one payment of $59.95 USD)
  • Annual Subscription — $11.66/month (Billed as one payment of $139.95 USD)

Is it worth the price?

Instant Grammar CheckWhether you are a professional or a student, Grammarly may be the best fit for you because it has many interesting features. It can be used on:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Grammarly online dashboard
  • Your favorite browser

We haven’t tested the application on Microsoft office.

On the Grammarly online dashboard, the grammar checker can be used while writing or by pasting a text. Before asking Grammarly to review your document, you may want to decide on the genre of your writing by selecting the type of audience:

  • Business
  • Academic
  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Casual

The application analyzes the text according to its kind. Errors are immediately underlined, and suggestions are provided.

grammarly review (scren shot)

Here is a screen shot of my mistakes on Grammarly dashboard. The application found me guilty of the overuse of passive structure

Grammarly can be also installed as a plugin on your browser which helps get an idea of your errors on WordPress and Gmail editors for example.

As a plagiarism checker tool, Grammarly is of great help to students, writers, reviewers, and scholars.
Another interesting feature of this grammar checker is the possibility to switch from American English to British English and vice-versa.

Better than a human proofreader?

While Grammarly is an excellent tool to brush up your writing and spot the mistakes you might have been guilty of, it would be insane to consider it better than a human proofreader. For professionals, it would be a good idea to send their work to a human proofreader for an extra line of defense.

Pros and cons


  • Some users might find the price high for their budget
  • No machine, no matter how perfect it is, can replace humans


  • Grammarly may improve not only your writing but also your writing skills thanks to the detailed information it provides for each error.
  • It does not identify a mistake without offering suggestions and detailed information for correction
  • In addition to the flash cards that explain your errors, the application provides a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus.
  • The application also provides a vocabulary enhancement tool in the form of a contextual list of synonyms that can improve your writing.


To sum up, Grammarly Premium has many excellent features for those who want to improve their writing. It allows you to analyze your document thoroughly. It does not only seek to highlight grammatical mistakes but also spelling, punctuation, vocabulary choice, plagiarism. Grammarly also mixes the best features of proofreading, teaching, and community into one package that will have an instant and an everlasting impact on your writing skills.

If you want to try Grammarly, here is the link:


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