Grammar Exercise

Grammar Review Lesson Plan for Beginners

Grammar Review Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan designed to review the grammar points taught to beginners in previous lessons. It may be assigned to students at the end or at the beginning of the year or term.

The lesson plan consists of a worksheet that highlights important elements of grammar. Each grammar item challenges the students knowledge of a specific area. The aim is that students work in groups to discuss and answer a review exercise, helping each other understand any difficulties. This is followed by a whole class discussion and correctio. The discussion will help you spot the grammar points that may need remedial work.

Another grammar review activity can be found here:

Grammar review activity

The activity

  • Divide the students into groups of four.
  • Students do  the exercise below.
  • They work together to discuss and answer the exercise.
  • Class correction.

Follow up

  •  Tell students to identify the grammar points that need more remedial work.
  • Write the grammar points on the board.
  • Students go back to the grammar summaries.
  • Ask them to work in groups to revise the grammar summaries.
  • While they are working on the grammar summaries, prepare a short quiz for them.
  • The quiz doesn’t have to be long and must include the main grammar points students still have problems with.
  • Students work in groups to answer the quiz.
  • Class correction.

Grammar Review Exercise

This grammar review exercise may be assigned to students at the end or at the beginning of the year/term either to prepare for an exam or simply  to review previously taught grammar lessons.

Choose the correct answer:

  1. My father is  _____engineer.
    a. the  b. a   c. an
  2. I went ______ school in the morning.
    a. at   b.  in   c.  to
  3. “What _____ ?”  ” He is tall and has beautiful blue eyes.”
    a. does he like?   b.  he likes  c.  does he look like?
  4. Are there ______ oranges in the fridge?
    a.  much b.  any c.  some
  5. I ________ my friend at the café yesterday.
    a. meet  b.  meeted  c.  met
  6. “_________________ the book I lent you last month?” “No, not yet”
    a. Have you read  b. Did you read  c. do you read
  7. They  __________________ sleeping when she came in.
    a. slept  c. were sleeping  c. have slept
  8. How ________ time  is left?
    a. many   b.  few   c.  much
  9. Nancy is a beautiful girl, and I like _____.
    a. her  b. him  c. his
  10. My sister _______ to work every day.
    a. drive   b.  is driving   c.  drives
  11. I go to school ______ eight o’clock every day.
    b. in   b. on   c. at
  12. She passed the exam ____________ she had worked hard.
    a. because of  b. because
  13. She passed the exam ___________ her illness.
    a. although  b.  in spite of  c. because of
  14. I am mad about  __________ soccer.
    a. play   b.  playing  c. to play
  15. What __________ on Sundays?
    a. you do  b.  do you do c.  are you doing

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