Grammar review lesson activity for beginners

Grammar activity

This is a grammar activity for beginner or pre-intermediate students. It is designed to review grammar at the end or at the beginning of the year. The worksheet includes important elements of grammar and each item challenges learners knowledge of a specific grammar point.

Another grammar review activity can be found here:

Grammar Review Activity


The activity

  • Students work in groups to answer the exercise below.
  • Class correction.
  • Learners identify grammar areas that they need to understand.
  • Students use their grammar summaries to revise the lessons related to the areas they have identified.
  • Prepare a new quiz focusing on the the grammar elements the students have revised.
  • They work individually to answer the exercise.
  • They compare and discuss answers.
  • Class correction.

The worksheet

Choose the correct answer

  1. He is a _________ worker.
    a. slow b.  slowly
  2. He ___________ fish.
    a. wants b.is wanting
  3. I’m going to the supermarket ______ some fish.
    a.  to buy b. for buy c. for buying
  4. My friends are at the stadium. They  __________________ a football match.
    a. watching b. are watching c. watch
  5. He enjoys __________ .
    a. to read b. read c. reading.
  6. Marrakesh is one of  _______________ cities I have ever been to.
    a. more interesting b. the most interesting c. the interestest
  7.   __________ to school everyday?
    a. Do you go b. are you going c. you go
  8.  ________ TV yesterday evening?
    a. Did you watch b. Do you watch c. are you watching
  9.  ______   Paris ?
    a. Did you ever be to b. Do you be to c. Have you ever been to
  10. He runs fast_________  is very old.
    a. in spite of b. despite c. although

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