Grammar Poem Lesson Plan

Grammar poem

This is an activity that helps students develop an awareness of both grammar and writing skills. It can be carried out in a one-period session.  No materials are required apart from a pen or pencil and sheets of paper.

The activity

It’s just a 2 – 6 line poem. Best assigned to practice some language points such as grammatical categories.

  • Review grammatical categories.
  • Tell students to come up with examples of grammatical categories.
  • Tell students that they have to write a poem having this form.
    1. Noun
    2. adjective + and + adjective
    3. verb + adverb
    4. Like or as …
    5. If only …
    Of course, you can think of other combinations:)
  • Provide an example like this one:

phoney and false
lying desperately
like a mocking bird
if only I had the key to the bird cage

  • Give students time to read and understand the poem meaning and its structure.
  • As a homework or in class they write similar poems
  • Peer editing and final draft to be handed in for correction

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