Food vocabulary activity


This activity can be used to review vocabulary related to food, dishes, food cultural differences, healthy and unhealthy food…


to introduce new vocabulary related to food, to  know about eating habits in different countries.


  • Students are given a text and a set of pictures presenting cooking vocabulary.
  • They should match sentences and  pictures and make up a list of new vocabulary.
  • Then they are given a list of places where people can eat, so they could match a place and its short description given orally or on another card.
  • Students discuss various diets and types of food.
  • Students say what dishes are associated with different countries. ( e.g., sashimi – Japan, dim sum – China, pelmeni – Russia, Yorkshire pudding – England, etc.)
  • Working in groups, students should make up a list of healthy and unhealthy diets, prove their choice and exchange ideas.
  • The teacher asks them to discuss the medical importance and benefits of eating healthy.
  • Students should describe healthy foods they eat in their native country.
  • In groups, students create a healthy menu for a dinner.
  • They are encouraged to use familiar and simple recipes.
  • The teacher asks each group to present their recipe to the rest of the class.
  • They can also give an example of an unhealthy menu with lots of calories and so on.

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