Five mistakes new teachers should avoid


Mistakes new teachers should avoid

New teachers might be busy thinking about what they should do to manage their first year in the profession like how to prepare lesson plans, how to involve students in the learning process, how to deal with low achievers etc… Although these concerns are important, I think new teachers should also be worried about what they should avoid doing in order to spend a peaceful and rewarding school year. Here are some examples:

  1. Getting too friendly with your students
    Students must be taught discipline. This could be done only by respecting a clear set of rules. Trying to win the students by being too soft on discipline, is a major mistake you must avoid. Another related mistake is being too open with students, sharing a lot of information about yourself. This informality may cost you disrespect. So avoid being an open book while sustaining a little bit of kindness and warmth.
  2. Being too authoritative
    By contrast, playing too hard on students may have a result contrary to what is expected. Your teaching must be based on love and logic. Build a solid relationship between you and your students. The aim is not to be feared but loved, respected and admired.
  3. Making too many calls for school security or administrators.
    You should avoid being too dependent upon school security and administrators to solve your class management problems. Otherwise, you will lose your power as a teacher, educator, disciplinarian and you will become a source of annoyance. Try to get over indiscipline yourself and gain power through your own strategies.
  4. Establishing rules and routines too late
    Take your time establishing rules and routines from the start. The time you spend doing so is a time gained in a peaceful classroom during the whole year. That’s why you should work on and spend the necessary time to enforce the rules and rituals of the classroom as early as possible.
  5. Burning yourself out
    Think of giving yourself some rest. Burning the candles at both ends may cost you your job. More and more teachers leave the profession because they worked too hard and couldn’t keep up with the same enthusiasm.

Do you think there are other mistakes new teachers should avoid? Please feel free to post a comment!

4 thoughts on “Five mistakes new teachers should avoid”

  1. Thank you! As a apprentice teacher I have made many mistakes from my very first months. Although I often write reflections on my previous classes, but it has seemed to me that I don’t know where the mistakes came from. Now I have got a new perspective to look at my failures.

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