Eyeplorer – an educational tool

Educational tool

Eyeplorer is an amazing educatiLogo_eyePlorer_Claim_BETA_EN_bonal tool. It is a research and study tool based on Wikipedia which enables students to make research about specific terms to prepare for writing assignments and class projects. It is especially useful to  help students develop their:

  • writing skills through the process approach involving the collection of data and its organization
  • digital literacy.

Here is the link:


A little tutorial

You can use eyeplorer as follows:

  • Eyeplorer will start to search and sort links as soon as you type the term into the center space.
  • Eyeplorer will find connections about the term you chose.
  • Put the mouse over one of the titles and the eyplorer will show more details.
  • If the note is of relevance then you can drag it to the notepad on the right of the site.
  • When you finish building up a collection of notes, you can log in and save them, copy them or email them to someone.
  • It is also possible to type in and add your own personal notes.

In the classroom

  • Writing tasks
    It is a tool that can be invaluable for writing tasks. You can assign writing tasks for students based on a theme and ask them to use the tool to do their research and collect data which may serve as the basis for the final writing draft.
  • preparation for future reading material
    Students can make research based on the topics they will deal with in the syllabus to search for more information.
  • Review and recycling
    Students can use the tool to review or even recycle previous vocabulary, topics…

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