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Ten Tips for Exam Success You Absolutely Need to Consider

Exam Success Tips

To be successful in exams students must take into consideration factors that affect success before and during exams.  But before presenting some tips for exam success, it is worthwhile noting that success requires motivation. In fact, no real exam preparation can be undertaken by a demotivated student.

Ready for final exam

Ready for final exam

Ten Tips for Success

  1. Students need to plan and organize in an orderly way.
  2. They need to set preparation timetables and set measurable, attainable and realistic goals.
  3. Each subject should be given its due importance.
  4. Students should use mind maps, short notes summaries to revise lessons.
  5. Previous exams can be of great help to students by reading them and familiarizing themselves with format, marking scheme, language, terminology, types of questions…
  6. Students should also set a time for sleep and relaxation.
  7. While sitting for the exam, students should read the instructions carefully and check all the pages.
  8. They should consider which questions they will answer first and which they should leave for later. For example, it might be helpful to start planning the most difficult questions, but answer the easier questions first.
  9. It is also preferable to plan timing according to the number of questions and marks for each.
  10. Managing stress is an important factor. One tip that might work for students is taking deep breaths now and then.

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5 Responses

  1. saidani miloudi says:

    Eleventh tip for success

    Never think of cheating

  2. If ever you get your bac
    Never dream of the work-fac
    But the broom and a crooked back

  3. In regards to #6 (Sleep & relaxation), I have found that some students “over-study”–where they try to cram too much learning into their day–while other students relax too much!

    Have you found any information on what makes a good balance between study and relaxation?

    I tell my students that they shouldn’t study anything longer than 2 hours without at least a 30-minute break.

    Also, I tell my students and for the week before Test Day, they should sleep more, to ‘build up’ their energy reserves for what might be a sleepless night the night before the Test. When I took the GRE, I only slept an hour the night before because I was so worried about oversleeping; luckily, I had been going to bed early all week, so I wasn’t completely exhausted when I took the test the next day.

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