Error correction lesson plan


Error correction

This is an error correction lesson plan. The aim is to teach students to correct their own mistakes. The activity is simple,  students will have to identify mistakes and correct them while working in groups.

Students working

Students working

This activity is for:

  • upper elementary/intermediate students


  • 45 minutes

Materials needed:

  • color cards.
  • sheets of paper.
  • pencils.
  • flip charts.


  1. Prepare four sets of different color cards.
  2. Distribute the cards to participants.
  3. Ask them to form four groups. (Four sets of colors = four groups)
  4. Get them to think up team names, write them on their respective flip charts.
  5. Prepare a list of students written or spoken mistakes.
  6. Write each sentence on separate small sheets of paper.
  7. Fold up each sheet and put them all in a large easily accessible container such as a box or a hat.

The activity

  1. Each group elects a team member who comes to the front of the class where the box of sentences is.
  2. The student takes a sentence from the container and writes it on their respective flip chart.
  3. Groups will have to work together to:
  • identify the mistake.
  • decide what type of mistake it is:
    T for tense,
    P for punctuation,
    SP for spelling,
    WO for word order,
    WW for the wrong word,
    X for missing word,
    GR for grammar.
  •  correct the mistake.
  • and rewrite the sentence correctly.
  1. Teams walk around and read the other groups sentences.
  2. Each team agrees or disagrees with the previous team’s error treatment.

Examples of erroneous sentences

  1. How you come to school?
  2. I go always to France for my holidays.
  3. I don’t like traveling by sheep.
  4. She suggested us to go home.
  5. She went to the library to buy a book.
  6.  I hurted myself.
  7. I am wanting to help you.

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