The elements of a paragraph



This activity helps students identify the elements of a paragraph and learn how to write a paragraph. The materials required are envelopes containing individual sentences, a tape and sheets of paper.The paragraphs can be taken from books or written by the teacher and are arranged in a series of individual sentences using a large font.


Students learn the elements of a good paragraph.


  • Divide students into groups of four.
  • Give each group an envelope containing sentences.
  • Students work to place the paragraph in the correct order and tape the sentences in place on a sheet of paper.
  • Students identify the elements of a paragraph, namely, topic sentence(TS), supporting details(SD), concluding sentence(CS).
  • Call on one group to read the paragraph to the others. Have all students who created the same paragraph raise their hands.
  • Have other groups share their paragraphs if they are different.
  • Allow students to discuss the order and decide which order is best. It is possible to have more than one answer.
  • Let students decide if the meaning of the paragraph changes with the order.
  • Each group is given a topic and writes their own paragraph using the TS, SD and CS approach.
  • Students share and critique paragraphs.

Follow up

  • Write topics on the board and allow students to choose one.
  • Students individually write a paragraph.
  • Peer correction using a checklist.

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