EFL and ESL environment activity – mini research

EFL/ESL environment activities

Over the past few years, the environmental problems have gained a recognition around the world. “Green” issues have turned up as the subject of newspapers, magazines, TV documentaries, news report… This can be an invaluable source  for EFL and ESL teachers to devise activities that would link the classroom to the world.

The following activity teaches students to undertake a mini research.


  • To increase awareness of the nature and the extent of environmental problems around the world.
  • To practice reading, note-taking, speaking, and written composition.


  • A worksheet with a chart listing the names of 5 countries with environmental problems (a sample of such a chart is shown below)
  • Collect magazines/newspaper articles, books that provide enough information about the activity
Major industry
Natural resources
Major Energy sources
Environmental problems


  • Divide the class into pairs and assign each pair one of the countries.
  • Provide the books, magazines and newspapers to the students.
  • Explain the task. They are to work in pairs using the references to find required information about the assigned countries.
  • Pairs work together to fill in the appropriate boxes in the chart;
  • Students take turn reporting their research findings to the class.
  • While listening the class attempts to complete the information missing in their charts. Students may ask for repetition and clarification if necessary.
  • Conduct a whole class discussion based on theses questions:
    • Which countries have similar environment problems?
    • Which countries have environmental problems similar to your country?
    • Suggest solutions to these problems.

Follow up

Students write a paragraph about each country. this can be done as a homework.

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