Do boys fail at school?

Do really boys fail at school?

You may not be surprised but yes, they are in academic trouble.

I have recently been interested in the issue of academic success of girls and boys in our school. In fact, I have noticed that girls do better than boys. They score higher in the baccalaureate exam and are first in many academic fields. I have done a research on the internet and, to my surprise, the phenomenon is worldwide. I have found for example that Richard Whitmire has already discovered that boys were in academic trouble in the United States and is trying to convince officials to address the problem. The Australians who have already started to work on the problem( financed new initiatives to help boys), discovered that boys were lagging behind girls from early primary to secondary school.

Why do boys fail?

Richard Whitmire suggests that boys are lagging behind because kids are now forced to use literacy skills at ever younger grades and boys take longer to develop them. He suggests that boys should be given the chance to grasp literacy skills at their own pace in the early grades. This might be true, especially in the way educational standards are being taught nowadays in our schools. But I think there is more to it.

  • With more quantitatively packed syllabi boys are doomed to fail while girls, who are generally more disciplined , are likely to do better from an early age.
  • One of the causes why boys fail in reading is that the content is not motivating enough for them.
  • The number of male teachers in primary schools is far lower than female teachers. This, undoubtedly, has an impact on the teaching approach kids get which may be girl-biased.  Awareness of this gender inequality from the early age should lead to variations in teaching approaches, methods and styles to strike a balance between the needs of boys and girls.

Perhaps I have missed something but the issue is complicated and answers vary widely from situation to situation. If you want to share any idea on the topic, please feel free to post a comment.

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