Discipline and causes of indiscipline


Importance of discipline

Discipline is paramount for every learning . It is very essential for any teaching. It is also very important for peace and harmony in any learning environment: peace between students, teachers and administration. That’s why it is always necessary for discipline to be instilled in the classroom to get the best out of your students.

In this article I will present a definition of discipline and the causes of indiscipline. In the next article I will suggest ways to instill discipline and how disciplinary action should be undertaken to ensure a smooth classroom management.

What is discipline?

Discipline can be defined as follows:

In its most general sense, discipline refers to systematic instruction given to a disciple. To discipline thus means to instruct a person to follow a particular code of conduct “order.”


In the classroom discipline is regarded as a code of conduct that both teachers and students agree upon and cooperate in its enforcement. I insist on cooperation and agreement in classroom management. Once the rules are set by all learning and teaching participants, it will be hard for them to deny or refuse disciplinary action in case of any transgression of the rules.

Causes of indiscipline

There are many causes of indiscipline. Here are a few:

  • Favoritism:
    Indiscipline may be caused by teachers who  favor some students in their teaching and classroom management.  The other students may see this as a sign that everything is allowed in spite of the rules. Other students may also see this favoritism as an offense against them which leads to rebellion.
  • The rules are not enforced:
    When a student is not punished for an offense , s/he goes on to commit more offense.
  • Lack of Communication:
    The rules are not clearly communicated
  • Teacher-student relationship:
    The teacher and students relationship is essential for any learning process. If there is a breakdown in this relationship, indiscipline emerges.
  • Lack of leadership:
    When the teacher doesn’t fulfill his role as a leader, there will certainly be  students or students who will be glad to take this role. Thus indiscipline appears.
  • Lack of motivation:
    When students are not motivated, they tend to work in an undisciplined manner.
  • Bad habits:
    Some students may have acquired bad habits  from previous teaching experiences. Once a student, for instance,  has formed the habit of coming to school late, it will be hard for him or her to change this behavior.

In the next article I will suggest some ways to instill discipline and enforce disciplinary action in the classroom.

53 thoughts on “Discipline and causes of indiscipline”

  1. Indiscipline could also be caused by improper upbringing of children and when they grow up,they tend to lack of discipline

  2. disciplining children starts from home…if the child is indiscipline or misbehave this will inhibit what type of background he/she was brought up in, what manners he/she was taught.

  3. VERY useful….can u help with info on curriculum instruction in the primary school? or cause for poor results in the primary school?would be greatful for ue help!!

  4. im a firm believer tht families are factories where human beings are manufactured … therefore we can not blame the teachers for the indisciplin of chldren but parents

  5. the students indiscipline is at times caused by the governments.here i mean, governments tend to give much freedom to the students in school.hence leading to indiscipline.

  6. The environment of upbringing and schooling has an upper hand in the level of discipline of a child.

  7. Indiscipline could be delibratly,because some students choose to be indiscipline even in actions.

  8. Before we can eradicate indiscipline all hands must be involved. We must know that without discipline nothing really great can be achieved.

  9. m sorry to say bt indiscipline of any children doesnt determine there family background as evry parent give their children a proper upbringing…nd these days children spent most of the time outside…it must be seen by parents that how there child is responding to certain mattets as if to make them discipline….

  10. am saying that the discipline of a child depends on d environment that a child lives. Children immitate what they see,hear and what people do.

  11. Effective teaching can help curb indiscipline. I think both home, societies and especially teachers are responsible for instiling discipline in children

  12. Parents have a vital roll to play regarding to the discipline of a child in any given time.

  13. ..I wasn’t expecting that discipline and indiscipline happen only in schools between two communities: teachers and students..

  14. Also in addition there us factor of “Teachers personality” If teacher appear badly in wearing style,speaking to the students and others misbehavior of teachers in schools,with greater extent lead to decline in discipline

  15. To the fact that teacher is always a roll model to learners, indiscipline teachers results to indiscipline learners

  16. Discipline is instructed by some one but it should be frst taught by parents and they tell us and then we will learn it easily

  17. discipline should first and foremost start from home, where parents should teach their children, the important things in life, to d right thing even when they are not around, in school, and society at large.

  18. Another key factor causing indiscipline in schools is unstable background of the student or pupil. if the are not staying together therefore there will be lack of moral study by the child.

  19. Indiscipline may coursed by parent first in that its were the child interact with members of the family. so if they behave badly expert that child to have bad behavior. some parent rise their child like an egg where they can even bit that child when does wrong thing.

  20. I can’t believe how many liberal namby pamby moronic people there are posting out there.
    There is no discipline in homes and schools because children know that whatever they do they cannot be punished.
    When I was at school it was the fear of having the cane or a slap from my parents that made me decide AGAINST misbehaving or wrong doing..
    The fear acted as a deterrent.
    I was brought up to be polite, have manners and treat people with respect, but not all parents believe in respect and unfortunately their offspring inherit their ways.
    Discipline begins in the home.
    Teachers have a tough job nowadays and children know they cannot be punished.
    I gave up a teacher training course in my second school due to the bad unruly behaviour of the pupils. The teachers that were supposed to be training me could offer little support as they were powerless to do anything about the behaviour themselves.
    I hear about people making their children sit on the “naughty step”.
    The naughty step? How pathetically ridiculous.
    No wonder there is no respect any more and the country is in the poor moral state it finds itself in today.

  21. Indiscipline is also caused by faulty system of education, corrupt social influences,loss of leadership by teachers and over crowded classes.

  22. In a home where the fear of God is not taught and every child and including the parents does what they like, there will be indiscipline acts.teaching a child to fear God and respect rules will help a child to be well behaved.

  23. Poor upbringing of children in terms of character can also lead to indiscipline among children when they grow to be teenagers or adults. Parental guidance really matters a lot when it comes to shaping the conduct of our kids. The environment where the kids are brought up in can also contribute to them being disciplined or indiscipline. If it’s a hostile and harsh environment then children will grow to be hostile and vise versa. So spare the rod and spoil the child as the saying goes.

  24. These factors account for undisciplined act but parents are seen as the basis of undisciplin

  25. Teachers who take issues for granted cause indiscipline. A case is reported but the teacher takes no action.

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