Difficult Classes

Difficult Classes

Have you ever had a difficult class? How was it? What makes a class difficult ? How do you define it? Well here are some of the answers you may come up with:

  • Side conversations
  • Complaining
  • Violent, angry, belligerent, combative behavior
  • Talkativeness
  • Overcrowded classrooms

One would suggest that a difficult class includes one or some of the above characteristics. Well what if a class has all of the above?

This year, I moved to a new high school. It ‘s located in a poor neighborhood. I have six classes. All of them are critically problematic. You may be surprised to hear this, but here is the picture of my classes:

  • students who are drug takers,
  • girls who are prostitutes,
  • students who are drug takers,
  • overcrowed classes (about 46 students),
  • unwillingness to cooperate,
  • violence and aggressiveness,
  • low ability students,
  • no sense of responsibility,
  • false values (students have a distorted idea about life, success, hard work….)
  • extreme poverty…

The list is still long. I didn’t mention the bad working conditions: filthy classrooms, old unusable desks and blackboard…

These classes are really PROBLEMATIC. Students have clearly behavior problems. They consistently don’t do the homework. Nothing really seems to work, and I don’t want to have a year of heartache and suffering. I really want to do something positive with them. I am trying hard to motivate them. I set rules, ask them to cooperate, make a list of trouble-makers in order to isolate them and above all, I am trying hard to teach them well. I’ve managed to overcome some of the difficulties these classes may cause. So far,  I haven’t really had any violent or aggressive behavior. But I’m still working  on motivation, cooperation, as well as other issues.

Who is responsible?

Well the question is “who is responsible?”  Why would such kids be sacrificed by the social and educational system? How did they reach the bottom?  These and other legitimate questions need to be answered.

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  1. I share the same view as far as the enemies of teaching are concerned.boredom is one of my greatest enemy too.Even when I try to combat boredom I fail because the classrom conditions are discouraging.first,the classes are over crowded therefore i find it difficult to work in groups and even when I attempt to do so the class turns tobe a source of disturbance because many students deviate from the target topic.second,the types of tables are a hindrance too because they are difficult to move around and when you do you feel that you are disturbing the teacher next door.third ,lack of motivation make students look indifferent to what you are doing.

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