Daily routines that put you in a positive emotional state

When I try to recall the days when I felt terribly sick, like having a flu, a stomach ache, a terrible headache, I almost always recall that it happened just after being too much stressed or anxious about something either in my professional or in my personal life. You might say that must be a coincidence.

I don’t think so.

Emotional states can affect your physical health. Often teachers suffer from illnesses that come on suddenly and literally knock them out. This happens particularly because teaching is a stressful job. It is a job that produces a lot of anxiety. A lot of my colleagues suffered from this state at one time or another in their career. Those unhealthy negative emotional states have also a strong impact on the teachers relationship with their students and colleagues. Some of unhealthy situations can be overcome by leading a healthy lifestyle and adopting positive daily routines.

Healthy Daily routines

Daily routines that puts away negative emotional states and help you experience positive powerful ones:

  • Be disciplined:
    When you have discipline, you feel stronger. You know what you have to do. You don’t go astray and your mind will work efficiently.
  • Waking up early:
    Waking up early and taking a morning shower helps greatly. Waking up at five o’clock in the morning for example will give you two hours of effective work, supposing you will be ready to go to work at seven o’clock.
  • Shower and healthy breakfast:
    Also a quick shower and a healthy breakfast (with fruit and vegetables) will revitalize you and give you more energy to face the challenges of your day.
  • Physical activity.
    Devise a time for physical activity. Running a few miles or just walking as much as possible will free you from negative feelings.
  • Deep breathing:
    Taking deep breaths and meditating will bring you to your True Self. This will relieve you from the everyday stressful situations and give you strength to confront any possible challenges.
  • Adopting the right attitude about life:
    Take it easy and consider that problems are before us just to be overcome. Life  is just a play you are observing and you should play your part in it in a positive way.
  • Be thankful:
    Feeling of gratitude towards things you have is a great way to start your day. Be thankful about having woken up, about the air that you breath in the morning, about the children you have, about the people you love, about the food you eat… These are gifts you should be thankful about. Start to look at things positively and tell your self that things are not that gloomy as they may appear.
  • planning your day:
    Write down a list of tasks you want to get done. Make sure that you have something you really want to do each day and that this is planned in advance. That will help start your day positively.
  • Use public transport
    Don’t drive to work. Walk or use public transport. If you walk you will improve blood circulation and will relieve you from stress.When you use public transport, you will have the opportunity to relax or even to read on your way to work.
  • Positive side:
    Don’t be over sensitive towards problems that may arise. There is always a positive side for each situation.  Work on those positive elements of each situation. When I concentrate on the positive side, that makes me feel stronger and secure. A problem has generally many facets. when you deal with one you will surely be able to handle the other facets. If my son has problems with a school subject and I have to help him and coach him to overcome this problem, this gives me the opportunity to get closer to him, spend more time with him and have more feedback about his weaknesses and strengths. It is not a time wasted. It’s a time saved.

4 thoughts on “Daily routines that put you in a positive emotional state”

  1. I like the list of different ways you list! Many books I have read, such as the “Power of Positive Thinking”, and various Eastern meditative practices I have tried out over the years have taught many of the same things you list.

    One thing I teach my TOEFL & TOEIC students to do to help them when they are studying for their test is to do ‘positive energy’ exercises right before and right after studying English–this positive energy they bring in at those moments helps them with remembering what they did, and just helps them keep a positive attitude while studying for the test.

    Sometimes, on particularly hard days for students, I will have them all stand up and we march around the class chanting, “The TOEIC is great!” at the top of their lungs, and laughing and smiling. It brings everyone’s energy up immediately and improves class participation and performance.

    One question…do you know of any good breathing techniques which are particularly effective in bringing positive energy into the body?

  2. Really, I’m not an expert in Yoga nor in any type of breathing techniques. All I know is from the internet. Here is a technique that I gor while searching for breathing techniques:

    1. Sit in any comfortable position with back, spine, and neck erect. Alternately you may even lie down on your back. Start by taking slow, long, and deep nasal breaths.

    2. As you inhale, let your abdomen fill with air. As you exhale, let your belly deflate like a balloon. Repeat the exercise a few times, keeping your breath smooth and relaxed. Never strain.

    3. Breathe into your belly as in Step 2, but also inflate your thoracic region by letting your rib cage open up. Exhale and repeat the exercise a few times.

    4. Follow steps 2 and 3 and continue inhaling by opening the clavicle region or upper chest. Exhale and repeat the exercise a few times.

    5. Combine all three steps into one continuous or complete flow.

  3. hi, thank you for this article, but if i havnt any thing to do how i can get ride of rotine especially i ended from studying and i dont have job,all i do is watching tv. please tell me.

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