Creating interactive posters with glogster


Glogster is a website that provides the possibility for students to create interactive posters called glogs. Before using gogster, you have to register. The site offers a premium or a free registration.

What is a glog?

Simply put, Glog is a kind of poster – fully designed by yourself!

Glog is a creation from text, images, music and video. It can be used by students and teachers as  a perfect tool to express themselves.

How to use glogster?

Visitors may use different formats to write their stories:

  1. Text
    Students can tell what they think about themselves, about whatever they want: friends, school, the world. They have simply to write what they have in your mind! For example, students may want to write poems, jokes, greetings, love letters, grammar rules, summaries, lessons….etc   To do so the website offers a set of designs to choose from.
  2. Images
    Students can add images! Images of  celebrities, cartoons, characters, glitters, art….Students may just add them to their glogs.Choose the best of your own pictures or the pics you got from the Internet. Cool celebrities, cartoons, characters, glitters or art. Just add them to your Glog and make it fancy.
  3. Videos
    students can upload or embed videos to their Glog: videos of their presentations, performances of dialogues, videos of their favorite things…
  4. Music
    To make texts and pictures more attractive students have the possibility to add audio files.

Glogster for English language teaching

Teachers can use the website to create glogs about different language lessons.

  1. Writing poems
  2. Publishing play or dialogue performances
  3. Using English songs and writing lyrics
  4. Students may write their best quotes
  5. They may write their best jokes
  6. They may also write grammar rules and examples
  7. Vocabulary learners have learnt and examples
  8. Writing assignments
  9. Writing their thoughts and feeling…

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