Contractions, Plural Names, and Possessives Lesson Plan

One of the difficulties of English is identifying and recognizing contractions, plurals and possessives. This worksheet provides students opportunity to practice these forms by editing sentences containing mistakes in these forms.

The activity

  • Review the differences in form between contractions, plural names, and possessives
  • Give examples such as the following:
    ContractionHe is = He’s
    Plural namethe Johnsons
    PossessiveNancy’s book
  • Give the students the exercise below to be done individually.
  • Group correction.
  • After correction, students work in groups to  divide the corrected sentences into three groups, namely those which use contractions, those which use plural names, and those which use possessives.

The Exercise

Correct the following sentences.

Example:  Hes from Morocco. — He’s from Morocco.

  1. What is Leilas phone number?
  2. Wheres John?
  3. The Tanaka’s are here.
  4. Shes really awesome.
  5. I like your sisters dress.
  6. They’re at their uncles house.
  7. The Lynch’s are from Australia.
  8. Its a nice song.
  9. I know  Lisas friend.
  10. We live next to the Brown’s.

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    very helpful site. thanks so much.

  2. Zach says:

    No, because it’ll look silly!

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