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conditional sentences 1

Third conditional lesson plan

Third conditional lesson plan This is a third conditional lesson plan. It aims at presenting and practicing the form and use of the third conditional. It adopts a discovery procedure in teaching grammar and...

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Error correction lesson plan

Error correction This is an error correction lesson plan. The aim is to teach students to correct their own mistakes. The activity is simple,  students will have to identify mistakes and correct them while...

Future Perfect Tense 6

How to Teach the Future Perfect Tense

How to Teach the Future Perfect This is a lesson plan about how to teach the present perfect. It is designed for advanced learners and is intended to make students notice the form and...

Analyzing poetry 2

Analyzing Poems Lesson Plan

Analyzing Poems Lesson Plan In this lesson plan, focus is on teaching the techniques and strategies for analyzing poems. Attention is paid to formal as well as thematic interpretation of poetry. A good way...

Use of like in questions 2

Like in Questions – Lesson plan

Like in Questions (Lesson Plan) Using like in questions in English may be confusing for beginners and pre-intermediate students. Firstly, like has two grammatical functions; it may be used as a verb or as...

New Year Day Fireworks 1

New year’s resolutions lesson plan

New year’s resolutions This is a new year’s resolutions lesson plan. January is an important month to focus  on new beginnings and goals not only for the forthcoming twelve months but also for the...