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The World Wide Web 7

A brief history of ICT

Information and Communication Technology As ICT is becoming more and more part and parcel of teaching, it would be interesting to see how ICT has developed through the last decades. This article aims at...

The story of the brain 0

The story of the brain

This video is about the brain one of the mysteries that is still to be unfolded by scientists. What makes the brain so special? So mysterious? Why is it reluctant to reveal the secret...

Twenty first century classrooms 0

Twenty first century classrooms

What is 21st century-learning. What will be our priorities? How shall we deal with learning and teaching? Will the methods have to change? What about technology? 21st Century Classroom from ISU Workforce Training

Why do we insist on English? 0

Why do we insist on English?

English as a global Language? Patricia Ryan, an English teacher who has spent a long time teaching in the gulf,  asks a provocative question: Is the world’s focus on English preventing the spread of...

Active Listening 3

Five ways to listen better

Conscious listening Julian Treasure says in this video that we exercise filters when listening. According to him, we “filter out ” the less important to reach what we really pay attention to, in the...