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Warmer and lead-ins 1

Warmers and Lead-ins as Presentation Techniques

Warmers and Lead-ins Both warmers and lead-ins are activities used by teachers at the beginning of a lesson to create a positive atmosphere for learning. There is, however, a difference between warmers and lead-ins....

How to start your lesson? 4

How to start a lesson?

How to start a lesson? How to start a lesson? well, the beginning of a lesson is crucial because the most important part of a lesson occurs during the first five minutes. If the...

Cultural Diversity 4

Second Language Learning Difficulties

Second Language Learning Difficulties Second Language learners face so many difficulties mainly because of the negative interference of the mother tongue and the cultural differences. Language transfer Language transfer designates the interference of the...

Reading 2

Guessing meaning from context

Confronted with texts, language learners may be stuck by shortage of vocabulary inventory and thus be unable to understand what texts are about. The first thing that a learner does to understand a difficult...

Active Listening 1

Active Listening

During a conversation, it often happens that the people engaged in the conversation wait to speak rather than actually listen to the speaker. Others are not even listening, being distracted or worse oblivious that...

Emergence and Affordance 0

Affordance and Emergence in Dogme Approach

In the dogme approach new metaphors are used to describe English language learning. Two of these metaphors are called affordance and emergence. Affordance Traditionally  input was seen as all words, contexts, and other forms...

Relevance in Dogme Approach 0

Relevance in Dogme Approach

Learner centeredness  is a key element in Dogme approach. The learner is taken into account, freeing him from the dictatorship of the published textbooks. The focus is on conversational communication between learner and teacher...

High Demand Teaching 0

High Demand Teaching

Because teaching has become too lightweight, too frivolous and not rigorous enough, High Demand Teachers call on for a tweak in the current methods of teaching. They contend that we should ask more from...

Child learning to draw 0

Learning to learn

What are some cultural shifts in our fast changing world that have an impact on our own teaching as educators? How can we start thinking differently about learning? Learning2learn from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano