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testing, assessment, and evaluation 0

Definition of testing, assessment, and evaluation

Definition of testing, assessment, and evaluation The following are definitions of testing, assessment, and evaluation. In spite of important differences between these terms, they are often used interchangeably by teachers. Testing, assessment, and evaluation...

Reading strategies 1

Teaching reading strategies and skills

Teaching reading strategies It is of paramount importance that teachers help learners develop reading strategies and skills so that they can cope with any type of texts. Teaching reading is not testing reading. It...

the SQ3R method 4

What is the SQ3R method?

The SQ3R method? The SQ3R method is a reading strategy that optimizes comprehension. It consists of specific steps that guide readers towards a better understanding and promote active reading. The SQ3R method was first...


ICT tools and English Language Teaching

Introduction This article tries to review ICT use in English Language Teaching (ELT). First, the rationale behind using ICT in ELT will be discussed. Then, a list of ICT tools that are currently used...

PPP approach to language teaching 0

PPP approach to language teaching

What is the PPP approach to language teaching? This post tries to explain what is meant by the PPP approach to language teaching. A brief explanation is provided followed by a description of the...

Interaction 5

Classroom Interaction

Classroom interaction This article tries to provide a definition of classroom interaction and how different approaches dealt with interaction to provide learning and teaching opportunities. A shift in perspective Gone are the days when...