Brainstorming Lesson Plan


Brainstorming is a tool that uses a relaxed, informal atmosphere combined with lateral thinking to solve problems. In spite of its importance in the generation of new ideas, many students do not have enough training to use it. This activity will teach students to brainstorm effectively. It can be carried out in a one-period session.  No materials are required apart from a pen or pencil and sheets of paper.

The activity

  • Elicit from students different ways to generate new ideas.
  • Tell the students that they are going to try  an activity called brainstorming to generate ideas.
  • divide the class into two groups.
  • Assign one student in each group to be a leader. Give the group leaders the following tips:
    • First group leader:
      Encourage other students to contribute ideas on how to improve this English class. But, you do not want to waste any time. If a student states an idea which seems useless, tell the student “That’s no good” or “Bad idea”, then move on to another student.
    • Second group leader:
      Encourage the other students to contribute ideas on how to improve this English class. Ask one student in the group to write down all ideas. Praise students’ contributions and don’t criticize any of the ideas. Make sure all ideas are accepted and written down.
  • Give students ten minutes to do the brainstorming activity.
  • Get feedback from students about the brainstorming. Ask which group produced more ideas and which group enjoyed the activity more.
  • Group leaders read out their slips of paper.
  • Students guess which group was brainstorming the right way.
  • Write these rules of successful brainstorming on the board:
    • All ideas are accepted and written down.
    • Generate as many ideas as possible.
    • Unusual, even seemingly irrelevant ideas are welcome
    • You may use other students’ idea and expand on it
    • Criticism is banned at this stage.
  • Using these rules students brainstorm other topics.
  • When they finish, groups choose their three best ideas and write them up on the board.

Follow up

Students write an essay about the topic they brainstormed.

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