Bingo With Opposites

gamesThis game can be used to review vocabulary such as opposites. But it might be adapted to teach any language point. Some of its advantages are the following:

  1. Students learn through doing.
  2. It brings variety to the English class and contribute to create a low affective filter and enhance motivation.
  3. can be adapted to review any language point


  • Reviewing opposites


Students draw a grid with25 cells.

In Each cell, there should be an adjective studied previously. (The adjectives may be suggested by the teacher.)

The teacher then reads a text or separate sentences containing opposites of the above adjectives while students listen.

When students hear a sentence containing an opposite of the adjectives in their grids, they tick the corresponding cell.

Once they mark off five numbers in a row, they have achieved a bingo and won. The game can then stop there or continue so that other students can achieve a bingo.

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