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An Apology From A Teacher

An Apology From A Teacher

American School

American School

Lizanne Foster, who currently teaches in Surrey, British Columbia, wrote an interesting article entitled “An Apology From A Teacher”, a criticism of the American educational system. The essence of the article is a wish that students could have the kind of system that they deserve.

That our education system was prioritized above the needs of foreign corporations and industries that leave a legacy of pollution and destruction.

She adds:

I’m sorry that you are made to believe that there is a scarcity of A grades for which you have to compete, when all human progress has been the result of collaboration, often considered “cheating” in schools.

Here is the link to the article:

Dear Students: An Apology From A Teacher

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5 Responses

  1. jeetram says:

    The blog written by teacher is fantastic and really showed his emotion for the student.
    I really than him from the bottom of my heart.


  2. yaasiin says:

    i like this

  3. greg says:

    I think Lizanne is a she.


    Hi Greg,

    You’re right Greg. Typo corrected. Many thanks!

  5. praveen sharma says:

    this website is very very useful for everyone who wants to know more about english with any teacher. thanks the team those who maintain it. thank you

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