Alliteration lesson plan

Alliteration activity

The objective of this lesson plan is to help students understand the use of alliteration, repeating the same letter sound at the beginning of two or more words in a sentence,  and review adjectives and adverbs.

The activity

  • Write on the board a sentence with alliteration:
    Example: sweet smell of success
  • Ask students to tell you what they notice when they read the above sentence.
    (Repetition of the same sound)
  • Tell them that this is a stylistic device called alliteration.
  • Give them a list of words and ask them to underline those that begin with the same SOUND.
    chart, cat, know, care, cool, choir, choice, come.
  • Students should be able to distinguish between the letter and the sound. For instance, although know starts with the letter k, it is pronounced /n/ and although choir starts with the letter c it is pronounced /k/
  • Write the word cat on the board. Then ask them to provide words that start with the sound /k/:
    • an adjective (cool, cute, crazy…)
    • a verb (climbed, caught, killed, crawled, came…)
    • an adverb (carelessly, carefully, kindly, cautiously…)
  • Then tell students to write a sentence using the above words.
    Example: A cute cat crawled cautiously

Follow up

Write a letter on the board and ask students to write

  • a sentence with alliteration
  • and draw a picture depicting that sentence.

They may use a dictionary.

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