About Rhalmi Mohammed

I’m Rhalmi Mohammed. I am currently teaching high school students in a Moroccan high school.I taught in the south of Morocco, in the province of Ouarzazate, where the sightseeing is breathtaking. My teaching experience revealed to me how diverse the Moroccan culture is. I traveled so much and discovered that the customs in the south of Morocco are somewhat different from the north. This taught me to be more open and tolerant  to others. In 1997, I moved to the Province of El Jadida  where I spent 13 years teaching English and started this blog.I moved again to the province of Casablanca in 2010.

I ‘m currently running this blog as well as My English Pages Website. I am also working on other websites and trying to engage other colleague and other teachers with web tools and web.02

I am easily inspired and love to find ways to learn and improve my teaching professionalism and my students learning. My aim is to remain an open-minded teacher, an eternal learner, understanding and adapting to what occurs around me. I hope I can be helpful to others.

This blog is dedicated to teaching, especially English language teaching, but I will certainly be looking at general issues related to the profession. You will find posts that will relate theory to practice, give hints on how I conceptualize teaching and serve as a starting point for teaching practices development.

My Objectives are to

  • raise awareness about teaching issues
  • provide insights that may serve as teaching practices development
  • write about teaching theories
  • relate theory to practice
  • provide tips about how to manage teaching situations
  • provide useful links

Best regards and enjoy your visit.