2011 Best Posts

This is a list of 2011 best posts. They are mainly about lesson plans and teaching methods. Some readers were also interested in class management and student-teacher relationships.

  1. Situational Language Teaching
  2. The importance of lesson plans
  3. The Audiolingual Method
  4. Communicative Language Teaching
  5. The Direct Method
  6. Why do teachers need lesson plans?
  7. Grammar Translation Method
  8. The Lexical Approach
  9. The Natural Approach
  10. Ten ideas for a fresh school year strat
  11. Why dictation?
  12. Should L 1 be used in EFL classrooms
  13. Explicit or implicit grammar teaching?
  14. Glossary for ESL and EFL teaching
  15. Teach with love and logic
  16. The main reasons for lesson plans
  17. The silent way
  18. Practical tips for giving instructions
  19. Community Language Learning
  20. Components of a lesson plan

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