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SimonThSorcerer :

Had an amazing time here.
Sent at 03h55 - 16/02/2014

gardenfella :

Sent at 13h58 - 25/01/2014

reahena :

thank you
Sent at 12h04 - 18/01/2014

reahena :

I like this website. It's really helpful and useful for both teachers and students and im from kosovo with this website i do my homeworks and im the best student of english i thing so tank you
Sent at 12h03 - 18/01/2014

mariam ben mrad :

Hi I'm an english language student so this website was very useful to me . Thank you, really.
Sent at 22h56 - 02/01/2014

davidok28 :

May god bless you and guide you to the right way n due to this great website. i would love to communicate with enlish native speakers to improve more and more my skills peace uopn you all reguards from algeria
Sent at 19h26 - 30/12/2013

youssefadam :

this is a first time i visit this web site my teacher told me to try to visit this page i think is very helpful thank you
Sent at 18h50 - 26/12/2013


This page is very helpful
Sent at 16h29 - 19/12/2013

mirza :

Hi, This page is very helpful for me but please can you send me in pdf. Because I want to print these all file and copy in my computer.
Sent at 08h48 - 08/12/2013

maher :

I like this website. It's really helpful and useful for both teachers and students.
Sent at 05h22 - 08/12/2013

syedmcitp :

I like this website. Can u send .pdf book in my mail.
Sent at 00h32 - 27/11/2013

simplychris :

simple yet powerful,i love this page...2 thumbs up....
Sent at 04h24 - 22/10/2013

jegu :

I just went through the 'reported speech' explanation and I found the same wanting as yours may be causing little ambiguity. If you are interested, I am prepared to make pointed reference as to where elucidation is required.
Sent at 04h35 - 03/10/2013

abdi :

What do u usually do in or free time
Sent at 16h54 - 01/10/2013

abdi :

Sent at 16h53 - 01/10/2013

abdi :

Yeah that is good for or life
Sent at 15h36 - 01/10/2013

pretygirl :

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Sent at 12h08 - 24/09/2013

manoj :

i like page plz send pdf offine learnt
Sent at 11h11 - 21/09/2013

sureshkumar :

I like it but I want some video
Sent at 07h17 - 18/09/2013

kunamama :

Really this is very useful site.
Sent at 09h23 - 17/09/2013